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Noise Luna Ring

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Noise Luna Ring

Noise  Luna Launches on 25 July,, This Smart Ring is available  through priority access pass at Rs 2000 with additional discount


Noise Luna Ring Size and Colors

This smart ring by Noise is available in 7 Ring Size and 5 Colours - Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black and Midnight Black


Ultra Lightweight              & Titanum Material

Noise Luna Ring is ultra light weighted and is only 3mm thick. It has been build using Titanium Material


Noise Luna Ring Water Resistant

Noise Luna Ring is powered with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5). It is water resistant upto 50m.


Noise Luna Ring     Battery Life

The Noise Luna Ring promises a Battery Life upto 7 days on a single 60 min charge


Noise Luna Ring     Sleep Score

The Noise Luna Ring measures sleep score of wearer. Which shares insights into sleep pattern. Offers recomendations of rest pattern


      Noise Luna Ring Sleep, Readiness and             Activity Sensor

It gives you in depth analysis of your body by monitoring 3 scores daily - Sleep, Readiness and Activity


      Noise Luna Ring Heart Rate, SpO2 Sensor

Its temperature sensor measures body temperature influenced by Diet, Exercise, Physiological States and Hormones once Every 5 minutes.


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