About us

 TechBudschool website is designed to help people find the best pair of headphones, no matter what their budget or headphone preferences. We aim to be the authority in headphone, Earbuds reviews, Comparison, Tips, Tricks and Buying Guide on the web, and as such we explore all aspects of each pair of headphones we come across — from the tech specs to the design to the comfort.

About the Founder

I, Lovenish Mahajan the founder of the TecgBudschool site have got expertise in Earbuds, Headphones and All Music related equipments of all kinds. I’m a music fanatic due to which I absolutely love gadgets that enhance the quality of music listening.

Since, I have almost used every kind of Earbuds and Headphones so, I can provide quality product reviews based on my experience, and to focus on completeness of review, I do take help from Amazon reviews about what people are experiencing about the item.

The secret behind the success of TechBudschool is the hard-work. We delivers useful pieces of content to you. Let’s introduce you to the Founder &CEO


Founder &CEO

I’m Lovenish Mahajan– the Founder, CEO, and owner of TechBudschool.com. I am a Music Lover person. I devoted my life towards the music. I am Trained Classical Singer. I am Composer, Lyricist and Music Director. I have very fine trained ears so that I have good knowledge to find best quality of earphones. I have created this site to transmit my knowledge regarding music and audio devices. A lot of factors provided me with the motivation for creating this site. I feel eager to share my struggle and success story with you.

My Education

  • Bachelors in Computer Applications
  • Postgraduation in MPA – MASTERS OF PERFORMING ARTS
  • Diploma in computer technologies and hardware
  • Blogging and Content writing